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To Sim Or Not To Sim

that is the question

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Malby Name Game 3.4
malby, name game

The week starts with Hank starting to teach Kliwx how to walk before he has to head off to work.

Luckily Hijq gets home at one, because all the adults had to go off to work. Hijq does his homework and luckily has the day off, so there’s no worrying about hiring a nanny for an hour.

Hank comes home with a promotion!!! He’s now completed his LTW and maxed his career, so he gets a lot of points for this. :)

While Hank helps Niv with his homework, Hugo keeps working on teaching Kliwx to walk.

Thanks to the help of some Smart Milk, Kliwx very quickly learns to use the potty and walk.

Hank immediately starts teaching Kliwx to talk, but they both get tired so they call it a night.

Danielle manages to teach Kliwx to talk in the morning, though.

While sniffing the plants after work, Hijq discovers his OTH.

Lots of skilling happening in this household!

We do have some birthdays every once in a while.

Absi is just so cute. She rolls Knowledge with a Grilled Cheese secondary and has the LTW Become Media Magnate. She likes Gray Hair and Hardworkers, but no Formalwear. I forgot to roll for straight/gay/bi because she’s going to move out right away and won’t get married, so it doesn’t really matter. Sorry, Absi. XD

Absi gets a job before heading to bed.

I never realized that Strangetown has two moons! I’ve been playing this game for 12 years and I’m still discovering new things.

Absi is off to a great start in her career. Promotion on the first day!

Our heir is growing up!

He’s such a cutie!!

Awwwww, no!!

R.I.P. Hugo. :(

Hijq missed the death of his grandpa because he was at work. But at least he topped his career?

Kliwx wakes up way earlier than everyone else, so he plays some chess by himself on Saturday morning.

Niv joins him once he wakes up.

Kliwx spent most of the day playing chess and manages to max out Logic.

Later that night, Danielle joins Hugo in the afterlife. :(

R.I.P. Danielle. You were the best family-oriented Romance sim I ever had.

I didn’t even realize that Kliwx had woken up in the middle of the night to play with the new creativity machine (I can’t remember the name of it) until I saw a pop-up that he gained a point of creativity. I let him play with it until his energy was low enough to go back to bed.

Kliwx wanted to play chess, so he joins Hijq in a quick game.

And the week ends with the kids all heading off to school and Hank heading off to work.