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To Sim Or Not To Sim

that is the question

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The Harding Baby Boomers | Part Six
attack kitty

Welcome back to the Harding Baby Boomers! Again, another long update. That's what happens when I play each family for a week at a time and there are a lot of birthdays. It means a lot of pictures! Anyway, on to the update!

Current Household:
Jefferson Harding, dad
Jordan Harding, mom
Bonnie Harding, girl 3/12
Benjen Harding, boy 1/12
Bitterblue Harding, girl 4/12
Barristan Harding, boy 2/12
Beatrice Harding, girl 5/12
Ben Harding, boy 3/12
Baldor Harding, boy 4/12
Brian Harding, boy 5/12
Brooke Harding, girl 6/12
Billy Harding, boy 6/12

The week starts with Jordan finishing Bonnie's portrait and hanging it up on the wall by Blanche and Bellatrix's.

Then it's time for Bonnie to move out and join her sisters in eternal limbo.

Benjen and Beatrice paint a little bit before the school bus comes to get them.

I missed the doodad, but Brooke managed to learn to walk in a few hours.

After school and homework, it's back to the usual study-all-night grind.

Jordan and Jefferson celebrate Jefferson's promotion with some woohoo. ;)

And we have another overachiever in the house!

Before too long, it's time for the triplets to grow up! Ben is up first. He's Knowledge/Family with the LTW Become Media Magnate.

Everyone is really excited about the birthdays. Especially Jefferson. I mean just LOOK at those crazy eyes. XD

Baldor is up next and is Romance/Family with the LTW Become Captain Hero.

Brian finishes out the birthdays for today and is also Romance/Family, but with the LTW Graduate 2 Children From College.

Bitterblue missed the birthdays because she was still skilling, but she did manage to max cleaning without me noticing.

Barristan was up early, so I had him help take care of Billy for a bit before school.

Another day, another round of birthdays. This time it's Billy and Brooke, starting with little Billy.

A very stinky Brooke grows into a very cute little girl with gigantic hair that actually suits her really well. She's adorable.

Yay! Another baby is on the way. We're halfway through the babies. I can feel the end coming.

I don't know why I haven't had them go on dates more often to bump up their aspirations, but whatever. Jordan and Jefferson went on a quick date before Jefferson had to leave for work.

Jefferson needs some body skills for his next promotion, so I bought a bike and put it outside on the porch. Hoping I don't regret that decision.

One pop closer to baby! And Jordan also managed to put on some extra weight since the last pop, which is part of why she looks so huge. I kinda like the curves though, so unless she rolls a want to be fit, she'll stay a bit chubby.

I'll probably end up having them wish for money so I can finish the backyard and landscaping,
but we'll see.

It may have only lasted a few hours, but Jefferson sent Jordan a love note after their date.

Ben maxed cleaning!

Time for another birthday! Benjen is now an adult. Just like his sisters before him, he'll stay at home long enough for Jordan to do his portrait and then he'll move out.

Oops. I guess he was really upset about not getting to go to college...

Like really upset. I don't know why he had to go outside to beg for money in his pajamas at like 5 in the morning. But whatever.

Poor Benjen is not off to a great start with his adulthood. XD

The stress of watching her oldest son must have been too much for Jordan and she went into labor.

It's twin girls named Birgit (from the Inheritance series) and Barb (from Stranger Things).

Brian wanted to become fit, so I let him use the exercise bike to quickly lose the weight.

Time to get started on Benjen's portrait!

Baldor maxed cooking! Beatrice also maxed creativity (again without me noticing) and so she's working on...cooking? Something in the books.

Once Benjen's portrait is done (to his excited approval), he moves out.

I just BARELY missed it, but Brian maxed creativity.

And Jefferson has maxed charisma.

Jefferson reached the top of the Entertainment career and completed his first LTW. Whoo hoo! His new LTW is to Max 5 Skills, which is totally doable. He's over halfway there already, so this should be an easy one.

Late on Sunday night it's time for a cake-less birthday for the twins. Barb is up first, followed closely by Birgit.

And I leave you with the twins being absolutely adorable. Until next time!